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January 07, 2011


I read your post with envy... totally know what you mean! Except, my list would definitely not include cleaning the oven if I had a whole day to myself! I'm excited to be going for my first hair appointment since we came home with Miss Jenna. I'm excited at the prospect of having this much time away to myself and for myself... but bet I'll be anxious to get home once it's all done! Hope your day comes soon... darn snow!

Oh, I hear you! I remember those days and I appreciate your honesty about needing some time to get the chores done! It really does pile up after a while and time spent with little ones is far more precious than anything else, especially cleaning the oven. I hope you enjoy your day and take a few moments to indulge yourself too!

Oh you are so right about the mess! Enjoy your day;)

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