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January 24, 2011


Her hands look so normal, you would not think that they were burn injured at all. Such a wonderfull successfull healing process,she has such lovely hands, and she is growing so fast, is pretier,looking more as a little lady than a todler.

What absolutely wonderful news for you and what a relief you must feel! It is amazing how little ones can heal...especially with lots of care and love from fantastic parents:)

Yes beautiful hands! Can only appreciate what she and you have all gone through! Glad for such a wonderful outcome....!

This made my morning! How sad that she even had to go through that, but how wonderful for her to have such attentive parents and now she can move forward!
Yay for Adeline :)

Bless those sweet lil' hands!! :)

How wonderful and amazing!

Just read your post with a tear of joy in my eyes! What wonderful news - aren't these little children amazing with what they can endure and how they can heal? It makes all of that worrying and the difficult times so worthwhile to know that this is the amazing outcome that Adeline will enjoy for her lifetime.

Oh! I'm so happy for you all! I've only been reading about a week, but I'm already attached to that sweet face. I can't imagine what you all have been through. Three cheers for all of you and the wonderful outcome!

Never even noticed her hands, just those shinning eyes.
Thanks for the post.

Having known many of the details of Adeline's injuries from early on I am absolutely amazed and very, very happy. Very!

Wonderful, just wonderful!!!!

Thanks for the update - so glad to hear the great news!

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