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February 16, 2011


I say no bangs only because she has had bangs now, so why not try something different. and her hair is pretty short right now so it wouldn't take very long for them to grow out.
Also, think how cute she will look with a pony tail in the hot summer.

No bangs. She looks so beautiful without them! Growing out my bangs was the best thing I ever did. Growing out my six-year old's bangs right now through summer. On a mission!

I did both with my girl. She sat through every single trim gladly because she loved the attention. I just got tired of it. I think little girls with braids on a side part is super adorable. We are growing my girl's bangs now and yes, it is PAINFUL! Even though she willingly lets me put stuff in her hair, I can rarely make it stay on all day. She is always like a shaggy dog when I pick her up from pre-school and her teachers kept telling me I need to comb her hair. I do comb her hair. Really I do!!!!!

So, if you decide to grow her bangs out, know that we are right there with you.

I voted bangs. Even before I read your pros and cons I thought to myself that Adeline sure looks older without bangs. Perhaps it is just me but I might want to keep her looking little just a bit longer... Either way she will be beautiful though:)

I think without the bangs, will shows her glowing 's facial features, shapes, her lovely eyes, and all her happiness expressions.

I vote bangs, at least for another year or so. The hassle of cutting them is way less than the hassle of keeping the hair out of her face with gel, clips, etc. while she is still so little.

Bangs do keep it out of face and I understand the not wanting uneven bangs. (The boys had their share of uneven hair cuts.) Can you make clips/bands? If Adeline has a say in what goes in her hair than maybe she will keep them in longer. And the two of you could have such fun times picking out supplies. Just a thought.

I have to say it, she's beautiful either way. I voted for bangs. I never let my daughters have bangs, I liked the more grown up look. Then, one day, when they really were too old for bangs, I saw a little girl with bangs, she was adorable, and I realized I had never done the cute little girl thing. It was only a twinge of regret, and I was being silly because they had tons of bows and ribbons and pretty clothes, but still, it's stuck with me. I vote to let her be a little girl while you still have the time. It doesn't last long. Enjoy it while you can.

Ossy says bangs, just because he likes them on her.

Brandalyn has no bangs and dislikes hair doos so we end up with a lot sticky, yucky hair moments because almost everything she eats ends up in the front of her hair. I don't have to cut her hair but we do have to wash it a lot.

She's adorable both ways. When my daughters were 2.5-3.5 years old, I started growing out their bangs because it takes a long time to do it and girls prefer no bangs once they go to school. Goody makes some cheap, plastic snap barrettes that are hard to take off. So keep bangs for now while she is still young and then around 3, start growing them out.

The picture with bangs...well, her hair just looks cuter in that picture. So that is why everyone is voting for that. Personally, ALL of my girls (and me included) are bang-free and I LOVE IT! It makes it SOOOO much easier to just get up and go and not have to worry about their hair. It never gets in their eyes or needs trimming. Of course, you do have that period where you have to "train" the bangs to go to the sides. Clips are perfect for that and it only takes a few months and to me, it's so worth it. I NEVER let my kids have bangs anymore, even when they are little. As soon as it's long enough to do anything with, I start clipping to the sides. :) All my girls like it and have wanted to keep it that way. (I have four girls) :0)

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