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April 26, 2011


Your other girl arrived in the mail today, or should I say, my girl....Matteo was a bit indifferent to her...but I think she's beautiful!! Now this new little girl above, is her dress made of the same material that my girl is...looks like it is ....uhmmmm....beautiful dolls!! Will have to come up with a name for my new doll!!...Thank you so much...also still looking forward to the boy dolls!!

Yes - you're right! I cut out two dresses at the same time and the second dress went on this lovely girl. I'm so glad you like your doll and perhaps Matteo will come around! Adeline always liked stuffed animals, but she didn't get into dolls until much later. The boy dolls are in the works...I just have a birthday project for a friend to do this week and a busy schedule next week and then they are the next thing to be worked on. I need to start by doing some prototypes and working on a pattern, so it might take a little time, but hopefully by mid-May.

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