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July 29, 2011


Mine said, "Mommy, your bottom is too big for the toilet!"


Hahahaahahaa! That's a good one!

Wolfie and Muz were in the supermarket so this is a retelling of the story but apparently Wolfie turned to a kid who was beside him and yelled "D*CK". Muz said the kid was actually being a bit of a pain but even so . . . no excuse! Not even sure where Wolfie got the word from (honest!)Very glad I wasn't there.

There will be many more interesting, funny, cute, and embrassing comments from your little lady, she is getting smarter, cuter, more lovely every day, love her rosy cheeks.

When my daughter was 2, we had a repair man here, and for some reason my daughter started saying the P word over and over again, when she had never once uttered it before. What a shock! My husband said to her "No, we don't have any Peanuts" because he didn't want the repair guy to get weird ideas about us!

At the park the other night, Molly was entranced with a friend breastfeeding her baby. Molly watched for a while, then came to sit on my lap. She reached into my shirt and tried to pull out my breast. When I stopped her, she screamed "suck booby, suck booby!"

Oh those are all such good ones! Thanks for the laughs!

My sister had given my 3-year-old a handful of quarters to buy a treat. Her chubby hand couldn't contain them, and after the third time retrieving coins from under display racks and between boxes of cereal, I took them away.
The little hurricane put her hands on her hips and belted out at full volume: "YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER! You're a stranger! A stranger, I say, a stranger!" Any attempt to calm her resulted in new wails of STRANGER, the worst thing she could think to call me. Her very helpful auntie hid out two aisles away.

These are all hilarious... thanks so much for providing me with a belly laugh so early in the morning. Hurray to all you fabulous parents and your adorable kiddies.

When Oskar was about two he announced to a room full of our male friends "My Mommy buys tampons"

My daughter is obsessed with Boys having a "P" and girls having a "V" and of course in stores declares it out loud with each person passing what they have.

When my son was 2 and potty training we were at a flea market in the washroom. There was just a washroom attendant and us in there and as I went #1 he kept asking loudly "Are you pooping mommy?! " no matter how much I explained to him girls sit to pee every time he just didn't understand. ha ha

Oh these are all SO GOOD. Thanks everybody!

Shawn and Annie were going out and using my least favorite stroller. Annie turned to her Dad and said very seriously "Mom doesn't like dis fricken stroller and you won't eeder". That cracked us up for a while!!!
Oh and when Mark and Nico were working in the backyard and the neighbors were over playing, I had to use the loo and she insisted on knowing if I had to go #1 or #1 and #2. She wouldn't let up... ugh...

That "No Mommy" story is breaking my heart!

My grandaughter at 2 announced one night at dinner that her REAL parents, Spiderman and Mary Jane, were coming to get her.
Her mom took it in stride, but her dad was crushed

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