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May 25, 2012


Sending hugs your way... these big decisions are never easy, but I hope things get easier soon. Happy (belated) birthday!!

So it's OK to tell the world about my skin condition but not about Adeline's toilet training? I see, I see...

But if anyone out there has any psoriasis treatment suggestions, I'm all ears!

Happy belated birthday, the cake looked so
yummy. Good luck with toilet training, and
hope David is getting better by now.

Repeating sentiments from others, and just to say Happy Birthday..and yes that cake sure looks yummy!! best wishes for David too!!

Great to see you tonight - I am sorry we didn't have more time to visit!!!
My psoriasis happens under stress. It is uncomfortable and yucky... milk baths seem to help and destressing...
Happy belated birthday and I know that whatever decisions you guys make, it will be for the very best for your family!!!!! Hugs, K.

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