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July 25, 2012


Looking forward to the photos and glad it is know I get used to reading a blog and when there are no posts I always worry just a little that there is trouble...maybe that post of a while ago where you said lots was going on...anyhow Happy Happy birthday Adeline and yes 3 is big!! and yes time alone in the studio is always on the todo list around here too! Good to hear from you again!! love the invitation.

Sorry to make you worry, Francesca and I wish you lived closer so that you and Matteo could come to the party!

We would have loved to be there with you and hope we can plan to meet at some point!!! But will continue to share in your joyous 3 year old from afar and on your blog when you are able to. Am jealous of your comment about catching up on sleep!! Matteo is a very early riser !! Have a great party and again, looking forward to the posts..

Unbelievable that Adeline is three,she will have a very big awesome birthday party that her talent Mama creates for her, can't wait to see her big day party pictures. Happy Birthday Adeline, you are smart and sweet little lady.

Jenna is so excited for Adeline's party... looking forward to seeing you (and all of your crafty creativity) this weekend! I'm certain no one will notice a single weed with all the beautiful little smiling faces that will be dancing around! : )

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