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September 12, 2012


Adeline will be fine and she will not feel any different from other kids. My niece was nearsighted, and she wore glasses at 5yrs old, we did not know, untill she started kindergarten. And she was fine, she treated her glasses as another assesscories like her earings, bracelets. The wonderfull things are Adeline will see the whole world so much better, and she will love her glasses.

There are tons of kids with glasses these days, they pick up on eye problems really young now. I got them as a 5yr old and the difference in wearing them vs not wearing them is enormous, she will just blossom with them on. Plus the glasses today are SO much cooler than what I had to choose from.

Don't worry, if you would wear glasses you would know that it is absolutely normal, like beeing left-handed.
Adeline will love her glasses.
And @Steph, yes glasses are really cool now and there is a big choice. I got my glasses in 1970 when I was 12 years old, having the choice to look like a dragonfly or like J*hn Lenn*n. Really bad.

PS: Freckles ARE cool, every single one.

Best wishes from Hamburg (I love reading your blog and Adeline is a very sweet little girl, as we say 'zum Knutschen'(huggable)).

Your lament is logical and normal in any mother. Biological or adoptive. All the mothers want that his children do not suffer. That are equal to all. It is impossible, all the biological and adoptive mothers of the world we suffer in order that our children do not suffer. Adeline is the most beautiful with or without glasses. Sometimes the children are cruel, sometimes the adults we see more differences that the children. A greeting of a Spanish and adoptive mother of Bac Ninh

My oldest daughter got her first pair of glasses when she was four. She did great with them because they helped her so much. And happily, it was really not a big deal to any of the kids in her pre-school. I think that kids are so adaptable and they just rolled with it. Adeline will do great with her glasses. I can't wait to hear how she opens up even more once the world is more clear for her!

Good for you to get your thoughts all out - much better than keeping them inside.

In 6 years of working with 3-8-year-olds as a substitute teacher, I have NEVER heard a child make a negative comment about another's glasses. I wear funky glasses myself and whenever I see one of the students is newly wearing glasses, I make it a point to tell them how cool they look (and the other kids usually chime in)! Adeline will be adorable in glasses but more importantly, will be able to experience her world more thoroughly once she has them. I can still remember my first day with glasses, realizing that trees weren't just big green lollipops...they had LEAVES!

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