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November 10, 2013


Feel better soon. You have a great family taken such good care of you that you'll be well in no time.

So sorry to hear this!! Must have been very scary!!...praying for a speedy return to health!!

Sorry to hear you've been so sick. It is HARD to be ill when you have a child to take care of! Hope you are feeling better soon.

I wondered what was up! Very sorry to hear you have been so sick. Whatever is going around is nasty. I think I had it late Aug early Sept and it was about three weeks. Hope you are on the mend. So pleased your family is taking such good care of you. Get better soon! I will contact you next time I am in town. I am here for a week but trying to stay healthy for Nov. 25!

I hope you are getting back to feeling better. So hard when you have a little one full of energy...

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