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December 14, 2013


That is such a beautiful setting for her concert. I got tears in my eyes thinking about what if she HAD lost fingers or functionality of her hands. My daughter (age 13) is an avid and talented violinist, and I know how much it means to her to be able to play. I think if Adeline couldn't play the violin because of her hands, she would find something else she was able to do that she would love just as much, but I'm so glad for her that she can play the violin.

What a beautiful post. It's so nice that you captured all of your thoughts in those moments while you watched your big little girl playing the violin on that grand stage! I know how it feels to be watching as your heart bursts with pride, knowing how much love, enthusiasm, and hard work our little ones have put into being able to stand and play that little violin. Thank goodness for every one of those little fingers for all that they can do!

She is just adorable! What a gorgeous dress too.I am so happy for you to be able to celebrate her accomplishments!

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