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March 31, 2014


I love this post. Even without having met Adeline I knew from what you write about her that she would make a great big sister. I know what you mean about worry and the wheels of the plane touching down. Before being sidelined, I used to joke with people that as I walked up the ramp off the plane in Toronto I would step aside and kiss the ground! Sounds absolutely crazy, but I was so frustrated in the process that that is how I felt. The time frame is crazy soon! I can't wait to see her photo!

I'm hooked...
I found your blog because I am an avid squirrel fan. I running a Facebook page called squirrels of Oshawa, featured your Valentine's Day squirrel cut out cards today.

Your writing is beautiful... and the story of your wonderful little girls has had me captivated this Valentine's Day, 2015.
I wish you all the best in the world with these little girls...they are beautiful and precious. I have just read your plight with regards to your kindergarten class for Adeline and while it makes me so proud of you to be so concerned about her education and progress, it makes me sad that you have to deal with such chaos in class. Unfortunately this seems to be the norm rather than the exception these days. I do hope you get her into a better educational setting – this little girl, this precious little flower, deserves the opportunity to blossom and grow at the rate that she is able to.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you – and God bless!

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