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April 02, 2014


Virginia (nickname Ginny)
Nina (pronounced nine-a not knee-na)
Matilda (nickname Tilda or Tilly)

It is a difficult decision and sometimes once you meet your little one a name fits or doesn't. Good luck. Whatever you choose, your new daughter will be a lucky girl to join your lovely family.

I will never ask someone what names they are considering, but once you've settled on your little girl's name, I really want to know the names that were your top two when you wrote this post! : )

Yes, name choosing is the hardest. Yet, by some miracle, I think most parents manage to find just the right name...

We had many of the same criteria as you. Could not be top 10; in fact, I decided that it could not have been used more than 50 times on the provincial registry of names in any one of the last 5 years! Nicknames were big for us too - although I liked names because of the nicknames that would come along with them, Brent was adament that it had to be a name that could not turn into a nickname.

Jenna was nearly Julianna - can't even imagine calling her that! Still love the name, but not the right one for our girl. She was also almost Cyan or Sian (same pronunciation, different spelling) - another one that just doesn't seem right. Jolene, Gabriella and Liane were also high on my list. Glad we went with Jenna, but honestly, it was a last moment decision as we were down to the wire and stayed up late the night before we had to have the name to our facilitator to get the paperwork done in time!

The right name will come to you and although you'll second guess and worry, you will discover that it was meant to be once your little girl is with you. And, if all else fails, there's always Cherry Blossom! : )

PS - I love the names Scarlett, Rayna and Megan.

I am also waiting to bring home my beautiful baby girl in Vietnam! She is currently 7 months old and I also hope to travel this summer to pick her up. Baring a last minute change of heart her name will be Georgia Grace. I have always loved the name and since the beginning of my adoption journey have felt it was the name I would call my daughter but always said I wanted to see her face first before deciding, then I saw her face and she was a perfect little Georgia, but for some reason I still couldn't commit!! Even though I can't imagine calling her anything else I still second guess it and tell people I haven't decided yet..... I think I just have commitment issues!!

Good luck with your new addition!! What part of Vietnam is she in?

I occasionally checked in your blog, and very surprised and please about your 2nd adoption.I am so excited for your family. About choosing names that would be meaningful,and suitable for your baby is fun,but can be stressful.I have 2 names to suggest:
* Ivy (spell in Vietnamese as AIVY.), or a meaningful name such as.
* Sky.

Good Luck with picking names, and I can not wait to see your baby's face.

I think Abigail would be a lovely name, and would go well with Adaline.

Just read an article and the name Isadora was mentioned. Liked it and thought I would mention it...

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